Alternative Health and Wellbeing Center is specializing in emotions and allergies. We have an excellent emotional release technique that allows people to get over depression without antidepressants, assists children with ADHD, autism, allergies and eczema.
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Acu-Face Lift

Acu-Face Lift

With acupuncture you can have a face lift that will gently erase lines from your face.  You will get the maximum benefits by combing Acupuncture with NAET.  NAET will allow your body to better absorb nutrients alloiwing your body to get healthier.  We will do the emotional release technique which will make you feel better and more relaxed and even happier.  At the same time, any wrinkles that have shown up on your face will be softened by using an acupuncture technique.

We have packages and special deals that will make getting younger, easier and easier.  We are one of the few Centers that is combining Acupuncture face life with NAET.  You will enjoy the sessions and we will make them afordable too.

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