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Initial consultation complimentary and $80 per session, packages available, as well as senior and other discounts.
Also, packages available: pay for 5 and get one free or pay for 11 and get 4 free sessions.

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Distance Theta or DNA Healing

can work on people at a distance doing DNA, Psychic or what is also known as Theta Healing.  These techniques dig up buried beliefs that are keeping us from going forward in our lives.  These unconscious ideas can be in our DNA from our parents, grandparents or great grandparents, they can be from our childhood (usually first 7 years of life) or they can also be from past life experiences or traumas that we have carried into our present lifetime.

One person that was starving in a past life, was unable to lose weight because she had made a promise to herself to never starve again.  Many healers have been burnt at the stake, hung or tortured in ancient times during the Inquisition and this causes blockages that will not allow the person to move forward.  Some of the things that will be uncovered will be about your childhood or your grandparents childhood. DNA or Theta distance Healing will uncover and remove these limiting beliefs.

During your session you will be asked to sit up in a comfortable position while you go into a light trance with .  She will ask for permission to go into your psychic space and then while she is delving in, only the information that is pertinent to your problem will be revealed.  Sometimes you will have a few layers that will need to be uncovered with the Psychic, DNA or Theta Session.  Also, during the session, will ask your permission to remove the false belief that has been holding you back and then she will talk to your unconcsious mind and ask Creator to remove the belief.  You will find the session quite powerful.

Our Special Now is 30 minuites of Healing for $50.

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Your healing has brought about changes within me. I am amazed that you did it. I tried other healing modalities but there were these feelings within me which would not go away and I could not even put in words my problem. Now I see it clearly. I feel I am living now instead of struggling with life like before.... . I forgot to mention - you are a nice person and you vibrate love aura which I feel. I hope one day I will be full of love too.


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