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Treat Depression or Anxiety Natually with NAET

Have you felt depressed or anxious?  Perhaps you feel numb and you just don't feel like getting out of bed in the morning?  Or maybe you feel like you can't control your emotions, either angry or crying?  NAET can help with the emotional release technique.

NAET is an excellent alternative to antidepressants and will soon lift your mood and your energy.  Imagine feeling happy, when you used to feel down.  You will be programmed to feel happier, more optimistic and more willing to do exercise and to do the things and eat the things that will make your body feel better and better.  You will love NAET and it is real healing on the emotional and the physcial level. 

If you try our treatments, you will quickly feel like yourself again, probably even better than you have felt in a long time.  With NAET you will find that your self-esteem is improved and even how you see the little things that used to get to you. It is wonderful to know that you are doing something great for your body, getting it back into balance and you don't need to take antidepressants to feel balanced and great.  If you are on antidepressants we can work with your doctor to wean you off of the medication.  If you are having side effects, we can assist you with that. 

The nervous system works more efficiently when the B vitamins are absorbed properly.  At this time there are many processed foods that instead of providing B vitamins to the body, cause the body to expend B vitamins to digest them, especially white flour and white sugar, while whole wheat flour has B vitamins.  NAET retrains the Body/Mind to assimilate the vitamins and thus assists the nervous system.

The body also uses amino acids found in protein to produce good brain hormones which produce good moods, but there are bad foods that make it difficult for the body to use the good mood amino acids.  The “bad foods” are besides the white flour of white bread and pasta, include sugar laden foods, snacks and cereals, fried and hydogenated fats, caffeine, and even artificial sweeteners in diet sodas, etc.  These foods actually interfere with your brain’s efforts to create good moods.  If you are pouring sugar or any of these other stress producing substances into your mood tank; you cannot expect a smooth emotional ride.

Is your life style producing your poor mood balance?  Too much stress, not enough sleep, and not the proper relaxation are all causing our culture in general to feel stressed out and unhappy.  We need proper downtime that is common in our “work to you drop” culture, to allow our brain to produce the “feel-good” chemicals.

            Please if you are depressed or anxious and stressed out, please call for a Free Consultation.  You will be glad that you did.

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