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Acupuncture and NAET are very effective for Pain Relief

As many people know and many doctors recognize, acupuncture is very effective in removing pain. If you have an injury or chronic pain, you will start to feel relief from your very first session. Each time your have a session; you will feel better and better for more and more time. You may need more than one session, but once the pain has cleared, it is less likely to return, unlike some other kinds of treatment that you may have had.

Acupuncture and NAET have been found to be extremely effective for pain relief.  Where there is pain, in Chinese Medicine there is said to be stagnation of Qi or energy.  This energy cannot flow and there will be pain.  When there is an accident, the surrounding areas will be painful and inflamed, acupuncture and NAET will move the energy and thus allow the tissues to heal more quickly.  Stress or surgery as well as other things can cause pain and stagnation.

Many times the patient will start to feel relief from pain after one to two treatments.  Depending on the cause and the duration of the existing pain, it will usually take anywhere from 3 sessions to 30 sessions to remove all or most of the pain. Usually, after just one session of combined therapy, the patient will find relief from pain. Chronic cases such as arthritis or fibromyalgia can take longer sometimes to treat, but being as we can treat the underlying cause, the relief can be permanent. 


During a course of treatment, you can combine Western Medicine with NAET, that is not a problem.  You can continue of your pain medicine as long as you need it, but you will quickly find that most of the pain is gone and you will no longer need it.  This is great for athletes as well as anyone suffering from chronic or acute pain.  Also, we can treat the medications so that your body will not hold on to the toxins for the medicine that you have been taking. 

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