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NAET Allergy Related Autism & ADD/ADHD


Has your child been diagnosed with Autism? You feel isolated and disconnected from your child and would love to have them open up to you. NAET has helped many children with Allergy Related Autism. Especially if they show signs of runny nose or eczema. Sometimes the only sign of allergy is that they continuously ask for the same foods over and over. If you bring your child in, we can do muscle testing for free to find out what the cause of the Autism is. There are many causes of Autism, ADD/ADHD as well as other behavioral problems; among the causes are allergies to artificial food colorings, food additives, chemicals, radiation, vaccinations, food allergies, pesticides, as well as other things.  Previously the only way to treat these problems was through avoidance, but now with NAET, these children can be treated and possibly lead a normal life.

With NAET we have a testing technique, MRT (Muscle Response Testing) allows us to know if a child is holding on to repressed emotions or is reacting to foods, clothing, radiation or something in his environment.  After doing the testing, we can then treat and remove the old emotions or retrain the body to not be so reactive to the food or clothing, etc.

When allergies have caused these imbalances, NAET has excellent results and can give autistic or ADHD children and sometimes even adults their lives back.  For best results the children should be treated by the age of 5 years, but occasionally there are older children that are treated with very good results.  When the treatment begins they are asked to avoid as many of the allergens as possible, but as treatment progresses; they will be allowed to eat in limited quantities the sweets and other foods that were causing the imbalance, without being affected by them.

  With NAET we can also test the Autistic or child that has ADHD and suggest supplements that can accelerate the treatment and assist the children in getting results faster.  Older children with Autism, may not always have the problem completely cleared, but they will feel better and less frustrated and many times will stop ‘stimming’, or getting angry, etc.

For best results many difficult cases of Autism will most likely need perhaps 50 or more NAET treatments, although many times there have been improvements in mood with just one or two treatments,  but once they have attained the results they will have a healthy, happy life.  Many times they will start to improve by the time of their forth or fifth treatment and become more communicative and responsive. When treats the emotional cause and the foods involved, the resuts usually will come much quicker.

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