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NAET treats Menopause Symptoms and PMS

Have you been feeling anxious?  Maybe you have insomnia and can't get to sleep?  .

In general stress is one of the main causes in Chinese Medicine of Menopause symptoms and PMS.  The pain and swollen breasts that come before and during your period are related to stress and a lack of absorption of vitamins, especially B vitamins.  When your energy flows smoothly, your period will not cause you pain.

  In Menopause, bottled up emotions, hot, spicy foods, processed foods or fried foods can cause the imbalances of hot flashes, insomnia or anxiety.  NAET will assist your body in coming back into balance and you will feel peaceful and happy.

More women are having menopause issues and PMS imbalances than at any other time in history.  Some people feel better with "bioidentical hormones", but not everyone will find the right balance, and there are possible side effects from taking these hormones.  Menopause is a natural process and you can get there without the need for so many symptoms.


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