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Weight Loss with NAET

Do you ever feel like no matter how much you eat you can't get filled up? Make weight loss much easier with NAET.  Reprogram your body to crave healthy foods and have more energy.  You will feel yourself feeling full faster and feeling more satisfied with healthy foods.

One patient came to me with a bad knee and after doing about a eight sessions; she told me that she had just naturally dropped 25 pounds.  She was craving healthier foods and was filled up sooner and the weight just natually dropped off.  Weight loss is a good side effect of NAET.  It helps your body to be more balanced and when people are balanced they crave good foods and find their ideal weight.

Obesity is at an all time high at this time in history.  Presently,  with all the pesticides, processed foods and bioengineered foods our bodies are seeing more and more foods as threats to our health.  This causes the body to produce more inflammation and to not be able to absorb nutrients properly, thus causing the body to crave more and more food and not to be satisfied with the food that is being eaten. NAET can rebalance your body to stop producing inflammation and to be healthier and healthier.

With NAET we are also able to treat emotions that are causing us to feel more and more stress these days.  So by treating the physical and allowing our bodies to better absorb nutrients, and also treating the emotional causes, people feel calmer, more focused and begin to crave healthy foods. Many people are overeating because of the stress and unresolved emotions, so when  NAET is used to get rid of the stress and unresolved emotions, people natually lose the weight..

We can do some nutritional counseling, but most people have a fairly good idea of what are the foods that are causing them to gain weight and yet they don't have the will power to bypass the cookie jar.  With NAET you will be able to have more will power and you will be able to occacionally indulge without getting out of control and feeling like binging.  We have had great success with most people who are trying to lose weight with NAET.   

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