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Alternative Health and Wellbeing offers Acupuncture

Assists with Many Issues

Post Operative Healing
Colds and Flu
Athletic Injuries
Stress Relief
Healing of Trauma


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For new Patients

Initial consultation complimentary and $80 per session, packages available, as well as senior and other discounts.
Also, packages available: pay for 5 and get one free or pay for 11 and get 4 free sessions.

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No-Needle Acupuncture
Alternative Health announces - No-Needle Healing:

has developed a technique where she can work on your energy field and open your channels without the need for needles. Many people when they first get acupuncture, they have difficulty going deep, relaxing and to stop thinking, but has learned the way to gently assist your brain waves in slowing down.

You will feel very relaxed as she works on opening your channels and chakras. She can even go into your energy field, communicate with your organs or pain and find out the underlying cause of any dis-ease.

You will set your intention: “To feel pain-free”, “To feel more relaxed and confident”, etc and will work on programing that new feeling into your energy field. You must try this work to really experience the profound shifts.


  Alternative Health and Wellbeing
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A needle being inserted

Needles are so thin they are frequently not even felt.
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